Thursday, March 27, 2014

Using Statigram to track your Instagram Stats

STATISTICS is the 2nd Main section of Statigram after VIEWER. If you have never clicked on the statistics tab while being logged in before you have to do so and then wait until your stats are generated.

STATISTICS / OVERVIEW contains 3 boxes, the first box is the summary snapshot which gives you all of the totals for # of pics, likes, comments, followings/followers, and there is a small line graph showing the fluctutations of your followings. The box beneath this gives your follow ins and outs over the last 7 days. The bottom box is your scores broken down by love, talk, and spread. Love is tied in to likes, and talk is tied in to comments. The rate is a percentage gauging your follower engagement, while the spread rate measures beyond your followers. There are 2 numbers listed, one for your last photo, and one for your last 15 photos.

The STATISTICS / ROLLING MONTH DETAILS page is also made up of boxes only this time they are set up in 2 columns. The Content Box compares how many pics you uploaded compared to last month. You will also find your most used filter, and most used tag listed here. On the right side is the Popular section. The Engagement Box on the left is for your likes, and the right Engagement Box is for your comments. Below both of these are Thumbnails of your recent most popular pictures. On this screen is also listed your follower growth comparisons as a whole in addition to your gain and losses for each day that you refresh your statigram statistics. To the right is the list of your most engaged followers and your follow to follow status in relation to them.

STATISTICS / CONTENT shows you how much you've posted in two breakdowns, first as a line graph representing the life of your account, and yearly bar graph showing the distributions either monthly or weekly. Density is the breakdown by day of the week and also a separate breakout for time of day. Your filter usage is listed next (on the left), along with tags and geo location data (on the right).

Stay tuned for PART 2 on Statigram STATISTICS.

Statigram Unlocks Your Instagram

Statigram is useful as an Instagram webtool because of all the rich data it provides you about your account. This allows you to make decisions about what you post and how you interact with others.

The easiest way to sign up for Statigram is via your Instagram login. The first main area of Statigram is the VIEWER section of the header bar. Which begins with your IG FEED. You can also organize the people you follow into groups to filter by your favorites or topic. This allows you to keep an eye on certain accounts without having to unfollow anyone. This is helpful in eliminating a cluttered timeline. This is much like the list function on twitter.

Statigram allows you to view content in 3 forms, grid, list, & detail. Grid gives you a quick overview of the pictures in your stream (or group stream). Liking pictures goes much quicker on Statigram than the normal way on IG. Use the list view to drill in for more data, enlarges the pic, shows comments, who like the picture, hashtags, etc. The detail view is a slideshow.

Continuing along the secondary line to VIEWER / MY MEDIA you get to your pictures. Here you have the option of sorting your photos into folders if you wish, there is also the same 3 viewing options as before grid/list/detail with the addition of sorting your photos into most commented or most liked. The sort by most likes is especially useful because in just one click you can review your most popular pics in descending order.

Then comes VIEWER / MY LIKES which is self-explanatory, it is all the pictures you have liked, and once again in the 3 viewing options. VIEWER rounds out with my followings, my followers, and popular. We'll talk more about followers in the STATISTICS / COMMUNITY section coming up. POPULAR is what is most popular across all of IG.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Uphill Battle

Continuing on from where we began yesterday with our exploration of my journals starting with an entry from 3/21/2007 in the second part of the opening sentence where I refer to an uphill battle.

In order to create something truly meaningful it takes time and concerted effort. This theme comes up often. I also talk about a process I call Personal Archeology which I used to uncover part of my past. Journal Mining is a form of Personal Archeology. Here are some quotes from the entry that speak to this topic:

So often it takes time. This is why it sucks. The mission. What did ya find? Personal Mythology?

It takes time before you see the possibility of a true rhythm.

Do you have the patience to benefit from the experience of life?

The next logical topic to follow our discussion on Beginnings is to turn to the idea of process, or basically creating systems for the things that you will have to repeat. Basically anything that you will do more than once gets its own process.

What Does PSK Mean In Schooly D's Song?

Schooly D is known as one of the first people to make rap music that could be classified as gangsta rap. Another name that comes to mind is the name of Just-Ice who also fits the early gangsta bill. The song PSK, What Does That Mean? is an out and out hip hop classic and should be known anyone that claims to love the music.

So PSK stands for The Parkside Killers which was a real outfit that ran in Philly based out of a neighborhood of the same name. Just think of the landscape of rap music if Schooly D didn't help set off the genre that groups like NWA took the baton and ran with.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Journal Dipping: The Beginning

Sometimes that is what it feels like inside our heads

I put all of my journals into chronological order to begin to reviewing them for insights and clues from my past. The journals I've collected span from 2003 to the present. I randomly started in the middle of the pile with an entry from 3/21/2007 which starts with:

Beginning begins again, my friend the uphill battle.

And so begins our journey to crack the nut of what I was talking about 7 years ago. Also in 2007 I uploaded a youtube video where I talk specifically about beginnings and start with lyrics from the KRSONE's legendary song "My Philosophy"

So, you're a philosopher?
Yes, I think very deeply
In about four seconds, a teacher will begin to speak
Let us begin, what, where, why, or when
Will all be explained like instructions to a game
See I'm not insane, in fact I'm kind of rational

In 2006 which is the first year of this blog I began an entry called Bloglife with this to say about Beginnings:

The best way to begin is to begin badly, to fall straight down the pipe, and into the crapper. This is the way to ultimately succeed. First you must fail, so throw yourself headlong in front of the world with no shame. Dance on fire under the light. Enjoy the brightness, burn baby burn. I like the nightlife, give me some spice.

I could dance in quiet corners by myself buying nothing, peace nor admitting too many distractions. Nobody listens to the memoirs of a tormented sore loser.

Who wants to hear form crappy emotionalism.

Another life rolled out on a stretcher.

Who gives a damn?

And in closing I leave you with the words of the Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron who reminds us that "each moment is an opportunity to make a fresh start." (from Places That Scare Us)